lil' melon knee pads for babies and toddlers

Learning to crawl, walk and run is an exciting part of your child's development. Our baby knee pads allow your baby to explore the world freely without being stopped by bumps and aches. They are soft, versatile and easy to wear, just like socks! The light but strong padding on the front gives your baby and toddler the protection they need while the soft, stretchable cotton fabric allows active movements without any discomfort. The knee pads keep your baby's sensitive knees from bruising and scraping as they crawl and toddle around indoors and outdoors. They perform excellent on hardwood floors, tiles, carpet and playgrounds.

For babies, our stylish knee pads protect against carpet burns and bruises when crawling indoors and outdoors. And for toddlers, the cushioning prevents cuts, bumps and scrapes that can occur from falling and tripping in playgrounds and cement floors. Your child will be happy and confident to venture out anywhere now.

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