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Summertime Discount!

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Lil' Melon Product Review!

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Here is a Lil’ Melon product review done by Meredith from Say Hola Lola! As parents too, we can definitely relate to this blog and thrilled Lola is happy and bruise free!


Go check out this great blog and review!


There is also a Lil Melon giveaway! Visit Say Hola Lola for details!


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January Giveaway Promotion!

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Lil' Melon Product Review

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There are so many great parent bloggers out there and Parents and The City is one of them.

We love their insightful and witty blogs that everyday mommies can relate to.

Diana from Parents and The City has recently reviewed our baby knee pads.

Click here read her honest review.  Thank you Diana!



August Giveaway Promotion

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For those of you who have missed out on our June Giveaway Promotion, here's another chance to win a FREE pair of our Lil' Melon baby knee pads.
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Our August Promotion will last until August 30th, 2013 (Friday).

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Tummy Time is Good Time!

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Some parents are anxious about their baby not crawling.  But, did you know that some babies just go straight to toddling and walking? There appears to be no scientific study that links not crawling to any negative outcomes.  However, giving your baby some tummy time will help your baby build upper-body strength and natural practice crawling time.  On her tummy, a baby will lift her head which strengthens the neck and upper back muscle.  Experts say that this will help reduce the risk of SIDS because strong muscles can help your baby turn away from getting smothered. 

Tummy time also gives your baby a chance to explore the world with a new perspective. Of course, remember to give your baby tummy time during the day with supervision.  If you see your baby active during tummy time, it's a good time to get a pair of lil' melon baby knee pads.  Whether your baby will crawl or go straight to walking, the knee pads will help her safely explore the world.  

Lil' Melon baby knee pads are not just for crawling.  In fact, the founder first designed them for her 10-months-old baby who fell on her knees frequently when she started walking.  Our baby knee pads are perfect during the summer, when you want to help your baby explore the outdoors.  Let your baby explore the beautiful colors and textures of our world without getting bruises and nicks. 


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We are excited to announce our first 2013 Summer Free Giveaway!

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New Website & Vulnerability

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We now have a website with a blog!

I started Lil' Melon baby knee pads when my daughter was about a year old and now she is almost seven! She's not a chubby toddling baby anymore and has grown into a beautiful, vivacious, and funny little character. I have to say that she's not the only one who's made strides of growth.  Being a mom takes you through a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts where you are left with oscillating feelings between doubt and pride as a parent.  

I used to ruminate over people's critical comments and failed to turn them into constructive, positive processes. I was stuck and unkind to myself.  But, my daughter's fantastical wonderings about the world helped me see the world in a fresh new perspective.  And in the process, I've learned that I truly matter in this world and it's okay to be vulnerable.  I know this new website is not exactly the best looking site, but it does the job and I put a lot of work into it.  Any comments, I would gladly take it in as helpful feedbacks.

Here is a wonderful TedTalk by Brené Brown about vulnerability.