CPSIA Approved

Safe, Quality Baby Knee Pads 


What is the CPSIA?

Enacted in August, 2008, CPSIA (Consumer Products Saftey Improvement Act) is a law that established consumer product safety standards and other safety requirements for children's products. It requires all products intended for children under 12 to be tested and certified as meeting the lead limits as set forth in the law to help reduce children's exposure to lead as much as possible.


Where can lead be found in children's products and what kind of impact does it have on children?

According to the 2008 survey done by HealthyToys.org, lead was found in approximately 20% of children's products. However, this data may not reflect the true number of products containing lead as we need to also consider products sold in secondhand stores and the ever growing number of manufacturers and retailers in children's product industry today.

Trying to guess where lead might exist in children's products is not easy as one may think either. It can be found nearly anywhere ranging from electronics, clothing, sports equipments to school supplies, housewares and more.

Lead exposure in children may result in learning disabilities, behavioral problems, IQ deficits and more. In high levels of exposure, it may even cause children to suffer kidney damage and fall into a coma.


What is the current lead limit on children's products?

According to CPSIA, children's products cannot have more than 600 ppm (parts per million) of lead in any accessible part at this time. However, there is a possibility that this number to go down even further in the upcoming years.

How much lead were found in Lil' Melon products?
None, if not, less than 10mg/kg. (mg/kg = ppm).

Each Lil' Melon baby knee pads and baby cloth wipes were tested for lead content at a CPSIA approved lab facility, and were found to have none or less than 10ppm lead in all of our parts and materials used. The testing was done on every ink, fabric, and parts used in our products under the strict standard of CPSIA, and we are proud to inform our customers that all of our products have successfully passed the test and have been certified as containing no lead.

Now, choose Lil' Melon baby and toddler knee pads with confidence!