“I just want to say that your baby kee pads helped my little daughter be more confident than ever. She doesn't scream anymore everytime she falls trying to walk and run. She likes to slip them on herself now before we go outside. My husband takes her hiking these days and we don't worry at all about her knees being scraped or bruised."
- Karen, New Hampshire

“Our year old son constantly falls down on his knees and these baby knee pads are all he needs. These are not too heavy nor too flimsy like the other baby knee pads we‘ve tried. " 
- Alex, California 

"Awesome, awesome stuff! I got it for my nephew and he really likes wearing his knee pads. I'm definitely ordering one for my own baby later. Very cute and practical!"
- Lorie, New York 

"Our daughter has spina bifida and we have been searching everywhere to find the right pair of knee pads for her.  Lil Melon knee pads were perfect for her."
- Jamie, Texas